Providing care that leads to an Oasis of Peace

Oasis Hospice

Additional resources may include:

  • - The patient’s personal physician may remain involved in the care of the patient
  • - Bereavement support for 13 months
  • - Volunteers
  • - Durable Medical Equipment and supplies
  • - Medication related to the terminal illness

  • 4 Levels of Care:
    • - Short term In-Patient
    • - Respite Care
    • - Continuous Care
    • - Routine Home Care

    Oasis Hospice is dedicated to:
    • - Affirming life and dignity while neither hastening death nor prolonging life
    • - Giving you the gift of time with a loved one
    • - Identifying and managing pain and symptoms, to allow patients the opportunity for a calm and peaceful quality of life through their final days
    • - Recognizing each patient’s right to experience life to it’s fullest